Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides in Merano

Discover the romantic side of the Merano Region, enjoy the scenery and step back in time as you take a trip through the romantic medieval streets of Merano.

Romantic holidays with horse-drawn carriage ride

While sitting in the carriage …

… you will feel like you are travelling through a picture book: the territorial castle at the foot of the mountains bears witness to the living Middle Ages! Surrounded by flowering gardens, the small city castle is known as one of the most romantic castles in Merano.

Let the horses take you through the historical city centre of Merano, and along the well-known pergola: this was built in the 13th Century at the request of Count Meinhard of Tyrol - intentionally 100 metres longer that the pergola found in the powerful rival town of Bolzano! Even then markets  took place here, and today the historic pergola is home to the most important and beautiful shopping miles in the town.

In the late Middle Ages the town developed quickly and magnificently, and received the title of city in the year 1317. Numerous constructions bear witness to this time of prosperity in Merano, which slipped into a deep sleep in the 16th Century, and only began to recover again with the uptake of spas in the 19th Century - this time not as a politically significant town, but as a town of worldwide significance in terms of relaxation and enjoyment!

Treat yourselves to a royal experience in Merano!

Horse-drawn carriage rides are available in Merano every morning.

Carriage rides depart from "am Sandplatz" in Merano
Duration: 45 minutes


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Or simply visit the horse race course in Merano. Ask at the reception for more information.

The race course in Merano in one of the most demanding in Europe, and is well known due to being the venue of the Gran Premio Merano, and the majority of the course is visible to visitors, meaning that binoculars are not necessary.


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