Nordic Walking

Power and Relaxation for your Body and Soul

Exercise is good for you - that is nothing new - yet in these times of "inactive societies" it is more important than ever.
Exercise in the fresh, clear air in these beautiful surroundings is twice as fun - especially with the perfect coach and of course the perfect sport. We have just the sport for you!

Nordic Walking holiday in South Tyrol

The Mediterranean climate on the southern side of the Alps makes South Tyrol a paradise for all those who enjoy exercise in the great outdoors. Well maintained walking trails through the fascinating nature invite you to get fit, either by hiking, jogging and of course Nordic Walking. Our vitality coach Luis has the ideal training programme for you - whether you are trying Nordic Walking for the first time or already a Nordic Walking expert. Tours, tips and that great feeling that you have done something good for your body are all included.

By the way, Nordic Walking is one of the most healthy sports, because you train 90% of your muscles without putting any unnecessary strain on your joints and ligaments!

Simply set off for a relaxing Nordic Walking tour, enjoy the nature and the spectacular surroundings ...
Welcome to Merano, and your Nordic Walking holiday at Ansitz Plantitscherhof.
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