History of the Ansitz Plantitscherhof

As soon as guests walk through the door, they are overwhelmed by the peaceful atmosphere of this very special building, which was built hundreds of years ago. An exposed metre-thick foundation wall connects beautifully with the modern architectural elements. The original ceiling of old solid oak spans the large open room with its massive beams.

The history of the Ansitz (English: Residence) Plantitscherhof can be traced back to the 13th Century, where is was first mentioned in official records as "Weinberg in Planitz" (English: Vineyard in Planitz) in the year 1277.

In 1293 the owner was called Ulricus de Plantice, then there are no further records until 1379, where a Johannes de Plantice is mentioned. The next known record is from the year 1531, where it is made known, that the ownership has been transfered to Sigmund Plantitscher.

In the following two hundred and fifty years the surname and residence name correspond, and in the meantime the name Plantitscherhof had become so well established that the name did not change again in the following centuries, despite the owner's name changing.

In 1911 Johann Hölzl from Algund inherited the residence from his uncle Alois Waldner, which he later passed on to his daughter Antoine. Antoine married Josef Gufler in 1939, and from then on they took care of the Ansitz Plantitscherhof together.

Their son Hermann married Hildegard Gufler in 1971, and together they converted the traditional residence into today's modern hotel.

In the meantime, the next generation of the family, Johannes Gufler and his wife Margit have been working in the Ansitz Plantitscherhof, which was awarded the title "Ansitz" in 1993, in appreciation of the centuries old tradition. In 2007 Johannes and Margit took over control of the management of the hotel.

And if you see little Madelaine playing with her little brother Philipp in the hotel's park, you will notice that this residence and it's rich tradition will remain in safe hands for many more generations...


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