Ambience: Rooms

The combination of Mediterranean charm and South Tyrol tradition is reflected in the furnishings of the rooms at our hotel.

In the spacious rooms you can experience Italian elegance and a feeling of space and sincerity.

Or you can choose one of our cosy modern rooms, where you can enjoy the South Tyrol nature on a large loggia. Your privacy remains due to the elegant visual cover.

Or are you primarily looking for ease and comfort? In the original part of the hotel we offer rooms with plenty of wood and simplicity.

Whichever room you choose, you will always enjoy the peace and comfort of Hotel Plantitscherhof. In addition you can enjoy the picture-perfect panoramic views of the famous Merano mountain scenery, which in part is snow-capped all year round. The Merano Basin is equally impressive, with palm trees and seas of flowers.

Check in to your holiday at the Plantitscherhof!

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